Writing to Heal. Using journaling to transform your life

Create lasting change through journaling, writing, reflecting and creative writing exercises. Memoir preparation

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

Add in the dimension of creative writing exercises, through short stories, prose or poems, suddenly you are on an adventure where you are in control of your destiny.

There are a number of different creative writing exercises for you to use as inspiration and kick-starts.

I have added in creative life writing as I have witnessed both my clients and myself getting huge benefits from melding fact with fiction to come up with some factional stories, which put us back in the driving seat of our lives.

Writing is cathartic and when you add in reflection and creative life writing the opportunities for change and healing open up.

You may not want to publish your book, however, this course will lead you from journaling into creative life writing and give you the confidence to write a book if you so choose.