Visual Basic for Excel - Microsoft VBA Excel Tutorial

Learn Visual Basic for Excel to Unlock the true power of Microsoft Excel.Taught by a leading Microsoft Expert

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

In this Visual Basic for Excel training course, you will learn how to apply the VBA programming language to make your Excel spreadsheets much more powerful.

The tutorial extends your knowledge past editing odd Macro, directly into creating custom scripts using the VBA Programming Language.

This Visual Basic for Excel tutorial will teach you about VBA structures, the difference between Functions and Subroutines, how to manipulate Excel Cells, interacting with the user and very importantly, error handling.

By the conclusion of this Visual Basic for Excel training course, you will be familiar with the VBA programming language, as it applies to Microsoft Excel.

Working files are included to let you work alongside the author as you learn Visual Basic for Microsoft Excel in this video tutorial.

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