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Twitter founder Evan Williams discusses the app platform @anywhere and Mashable Editor-in-Chief Adam Ostrow discusses location-based social networking news and more.00:52 -- A summary of the news from this year's conference, including Twitter's @anywhere announcement , the rivalry between location-based social networking start-ups Foursquare and Gowalla , big changes in store for Digg.com and Google Buzz in the aftermath of the controversy surrounding their decision to integrate their new social network, a public facing system, with Gmail, a system that has always been very private.01:31 -- At the Diggnation party, Digg CEO Jay Allison unveiled new.digg.com , a new alpha site available through invitation only, which expands trending news stories beyond just digs to include tweaks, Facebook status updates, personal preferences and your social graph.

Mashable Editor Adam Ostrow calls it Digg's attempt to become the ultimate aggregator.02:20 -- Google is in a tough position given the public and the media's reaction to their launch, but Adam has confidence that they will ultimately be able to overcome those initial missteps.

"It's clearly a very high-priority projects there," he says.03:11 -- On the target market for Google Buzz, Adam Ostrow says, "The way they explained it to me, not dissimilar to Twitter and Facebook, they're really looking at both consumers and brands.

They do provide us, sometimes, with relevant stories and people we need to talk to," says Adam Ostrow.08:45 -- Eric Schwartzman tells Adam Ostrow about Jeremy Pepper's blog post entitled " I Don't Do SXSWi ," recaps the conference highlights for him which includes Chris Messina's presentation about why activity streams need to evolve beyond the Facebook newsfeed, Danah Boyd's keynote on dealing with privacy in online spaces that are public, Joi Ito's talk about advocating intergovernmental information sharing and Kaiser Kuo's update on the trials and tribulations of Google in China.

But the way we use it as a brand, and the way small businesses we like are using it, is to interact" with customers says Adam Ostrow.14:50 -- Evan Williams announcing their new app platform @anywhere for integrating Twitter into websites.

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