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The Complete Fullstack Web Developer Course

  • *** The first "Complete Web Developer Course" on Udemy!!
  • Welcome to The Complete Fullstack Web Developer Course This was the first "Complete Web Development" course on Udemy.
  • There's a reason why there are so many "Complete Web Development" courses on Udemy today -- they took what worked and made spin off courses.
  • Get started today and join the thousands of students who have taken my course and changed their lives by: making more money, making better websites, building their dream website and completely changed industries (became web developers!)
  • Here is what else you'll get: • Access to a friendly and supportive web developer community where you can talk to me directly, and ask your fellow developers questions about problems that they may have faced already Over 14 chapters you will learn: • JavaScript Basics and Advanced concepts • jQuery, because almost every website on the planet uses jQuery • Ajax for creating interactive pages that talk to your server without reloading the page • PHP to execute server code; includes the Basics and Advanced Hello!

by Kalob Taulien

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