The Elements of English Grammar

Learn the fundamentals of English grammar. Designed to help college & high school students & English-language learners.

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When I realized that, I started transitioning (I think that's what they call it these days) into my teaching career, which resulted in my earning my doctorate, during the course of which I studied efforts to revive and maintain endangered languages through education, with an emphasis on Scottish Gaelic.

I enjoy spending time with my family – I'm married with three children, no pets -- reading on all different subjects, going to movies, and -- as strange as this might sound – until a couple years ago until my knees gave out on me and my work schedule forbade, I was "into" wrestling (the real thing -- as in high school, college, or Olympic-style – not the fake stuff you see on TV – though nowadays, it is all I can do to wrestle myself to the exercise machine in the backyard.)

A couple summers ago I spent a week at the Gaelic college on the Isle of Skye trying to follow academic presentations in Gaelic and English on the preservation efforts being put forth on behalf of the Gaelic language; after that, we trooped around to various castles and historic battlefields and stood in the ancient magic circle of the Standing Stones of Callanish.

As a faculty member at the San Bernardino campus of the Art Institute, I have taught several courses in various levels of English composition and literature, including At the Art Institute, I have guided faculty development workshops, have participated actively in persistence and curriculum development committees.

At UOP, I have taught classes in these environments in onground, online and “Flexnet" (combination of online/onground learning) modalities in the following courses: At Mt. Sierra College, a small technical and media arts college, I encountered a student population which was comprised of many minority and “at-risk" students.

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