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The Complete Radiant Meditation 'Do Your Egg' Course

  • Join instructor, Shayli Vere, on her quest to assist the modern world with its stress load by teaching others how to clear their energetic bodies with Radiant Meditation Techniques.
  • Radiant Meditation techniques are based on centuries old knowledge and teachings for the energetic bodies and chakra system, but  Vere has added a Theta Soundtrack and Focused Fast modern meditation techniques, and Tech Friendly, in a format that we can easily adapt to our busy lives.
  • In 'The Complete Do Your Egg Radiant Meditation Series' you will be learning how to clear your emotional, physical, and energetic body, by chakra.
  • All three steps are needed to connect to the creative stream or collective consciousness stream After completing the Radiant Meditation Complete Do Your Egg Meditation Course, many find their depression lifted, their hearts open, they are more balanced and easy going about life and its journies.
  • My thesis is Radiant Life and Meditation, this Course and Radiant Life Manual as well as my personal life's research of the creative intuitive connections.

by Shayli Vere

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