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Subnetting Secrets - Learn the Easy Way to Subnet

  • Understanding IP Subnetting is a vital skill for every IT engineer and yet most don’t know how to do it or go about it completely the wrong way.
  • Once you understand a few simple techniques of this subnetting tutorial, you can actually easily subnet any IP address in your head.
  • When I left the police force and went into IT I used to dread subnetting but when I was forced to write some notes to teach a class one day I stumbled across an easy way to subnet.
  • If you can count to eight in your head then you can use my method explained in this subnetting tutorial to: The techniques taught in this subnetting tutorial have been tried and tested by myself to learn to subnet,  pass my MCSE, A+, Network+, CCNA, CCNP and many other non-IT exams as well as easily  pass interviews for Cisco and BT.
  • They have been used by many other students to effectively study for and pass their exams also.

by Paul Browning

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