Start A Business You Love. Idea to Income in Thirty Days.

Take what you love to do and come up with profitable business ideas. Thirty video exercises for results in thirty days

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

I want to take your desire and your passion and show you how to turn it into practical actions that allow you to come up with profitable business ideas and your passion and to create income before the month is over.

You need to check out your idea against these three criteria There are so many books and courses for new businesses and coming up with profitable business ideas.

Check you are on the right track right from the start This course shows you how to understand and rigorously test your profitable business ideas so that you know you are on the right track before you start (or to help you get re-oriented when you've hit a roadblock!)

● How to create income before the course is over ● Why knowing your revenue model will help you know how to grow your business ● Measuring success an easy way to monitor the numbers you need to pay attention to ● How to take one step at a time to achieve your ambitions (hint: I tell my clients I can get rid of 80%% of the things on their to-do list and this technique will help you do that too) ● Identify and know how you are going to achieve your money goal (with downloadable spreadsheet) ● Where to begin delegating even if you think you can't afford it yet ● Three very simple questions that will help you stay on track when the course is over And the best part is that this course isn't just about learning.

Every day you will take an action step that is relevant and specific to you and your profitable business ideas.

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