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In this audio resource, Rashmi Sinha, the founding CEO of SlideShare talks about lead generation, user ratings, B2B social networking, making sharing beneficial to community members and encouraging meaningful discourse by discouraging anonymity.

Community members use the service mostly in a business context, since the social network is designed to host, share and promote discussion around PowerPoint presentations, which are used mostly in business to help make a point.

03:54 -- The Slideshare Virtualization Channel, a new, curated channel put together by the B2B social networking service is one of many they intend to add over the coming months, to provide organizations with an opportunity to associate their product, brand or service with premium content appealing to a specific business audience segment by way of a sponsorship.

She acknowledges that SlideShare is very business oriented, but says that because it is such a visually oriented network where the most popular presentations usually incorporate a great deal of personality and flair, the service is conducive to interactions that are more personal than on Linkedin.

He prefers to, "... leave ratings to professional reviewers -- it's what they're trained to do...." As a side note, this opinion is in stark contrast to Mark Yoltan's, who says that on the SAP Community Network, a business to business social network recognized as one of the most successful in the world, user ratings actually improve our performance, because poor user ratings in a public environment serve as a wake up call to either improve the product or encourage those who like it to rate it highly.

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