Selling Social Media to Your Boss

Win Buy-In and Resources from Senior Business Decision Makers and Potential Clients

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If your job involves building the business case and winning executive buy-in for social media initiatives inside organizations, you don’t want to miss this audio discussion between Eric Schwartzman and Brian Solis.

In this audio recording, which was conducted in association with research Eric Schwartzman conducted for his book "Social Marketing to the Business Customer" on B2B social media published by Wiley, Brian shares how he wins buy-in and acceptance for social media pilot programs with corporate stakeholders inside organizations.

07:12 – Much as when ad agencies bid accounts on spec, in order to make the case for a social media initiative, it is necessary to invest the time and resources to figure out where the relevant conversations are taking place, and to try and determine which departments of the organization are most impacted by these conversations.

11:21 – When it comes to measuring social media, Brian likes to establish the cost per action because in his mind, that’s the most tangible metric for determining the value of a conversation.

16:42 – When Brian is doing his research, his uses the Katie Paine method of coupling words indicative of a bad customer experience with the company’s name inside all the search boxes of all the social media channels in the Conversation Prism.

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