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Public Speaking, presentations - painless and powerful

  • Learn how to enjoy giving business presentations and public speaking - and captivate your audience Giving a presentation is one of those things you just can’t escape these days.
  • Even if you are already a proficient speaker, you will almost certainly benefit from learning some of the techniques that can add power to any presentation.
  • · how to project ideas with confidence · timing - how to pace a talk and stay within time · brain death - how to cope with every speaker's worst fear · ensuring your visual aids really do add impact We look at the anatomy of a successful presentation.
  • You will learn a simple structure that will cover the requirements of almost any business presentation you will ever have to give.
  • He has presented on BBC’s Executive Business Channel, as well as producing presentations for organizations such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM, Welcome and Pharma Systems.

by Len Smith

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