Polite Puppy Dog Training Class

Training your puppy for home is not hard once you know how. This dog training course will make your puppy a housemate.

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

Dogs and owners that are new to positive reinforcement / clicker training.

After graduating from a correction-style dog training program in 2003, Julie got a new puppy – a Pug Beagle X (Puggle) named Tyson.

This inspired Julie to learn about positive reinforcement training and set her on the path to becoming a professional positive reinforcement dog trainer.

Andre quickly discovered clicker training and the power of positive reinforcement, and through patience and care was able to help Duke overcome his fear and dislike of other dogs.

With the success of his school and the transformation he’s seen in the neighbourhood dogs, Andre decided that it would be a worthy cause to offer people the benefits of positive reinforcement based training regardless of where they live.

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