Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac Tutorial - Learn The Easy Way.

Learn Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac at your own pace. Comes with Certificate of Completion

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

This hands-on Microsoft Excel 2011 For Mac course shows you how to effectively use the many features and functions of MS Excel.

You will learn to leverage the power of the most important features Excel 2011 has to offer the Apple user, whether you're working in an all-Mac office or needing to coordinate with PC counterparts.

Whether wanting to beef up your existing Excel skills or learn the program from the ground up this InfiniteSkills Excel course is a tremendous resource with over 50 lessons.

Who Should Take This Course - Anyone who has used Microsoft Excel in the past but wanted a better understanding of its full range of features.

- Anyone Mac user new to MS Excel wanting a user-friendly guide that introduces the program from the ground up.

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