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Mastering 2D Animation: 01

  • Once upon a time in London... At the beginning of my career I apprenticed with some of the greatest master animators ever _ i.e. Ken Harris (Warner Brothers - 'Bugs Bunny' & 'Roadrunner'), Art Babbit (The 'Tenth Old Man' of Disney animation in the golden era) and Richard Williams (3 times Oscar winner).
  • This is because the principles involved in a good generic walk pretty much apply to everything else in animation.
  • The 'golden triangle' of mentors I apprenticed with at the beginning of my career - left lower, Richard Williams; center, Ken Harris; right/lower Art Babbit.
  • We start with the classic, traditional, hand-drawn approach, then we follow that up with a definitive vector animation approach, possible through the ToonBoom Studio software technology.
  • That said, if you do struggle with drawing it is still perfectly possible to pull off a good generic walking action using the ToonBoom Studio approach alone.

by Tony White

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