Kinesiology Taping - Self application course

Learn to apply Kinesiology tape to yourself or family/friends/patients.

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

This course aims to teach the theory and practical components to kinesiology taping, including what kinesiology taping is, how to prepare it and how to apply it for different purposes and complaints.

This course can be completed in as quickly as 1 day or can be dragged out as long as you wish.

No previous experience with taping is required, nor is anatomical knowledge required, however it does make things easier when it comes to applying the tape to areas not taught.

The course is comprised of written materials as well as video instruction for how to prepare and apply the tape.

This course is recommended for anyone looking to gain a new skill and looking to be able to apply Kinesiology tape to themselves or family/friends/patients for pain relief and faster recovery from injury.

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