How to Create a Successful WordPress Site

Learn how to create an awesome WordPress site and a bunch of cool tricks to drive traffic to make it super successful!

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

In this cool online wordpress course I will teach you the wordpress basics on how to get a WordPress site up and running in no time, but most importantly, I'll teach you how to attract visitors so you can become profitable as soon as possible.

●  Learn to use Pages vs Posts: Learn to use wordpress pages and posts the right way.

●  How to enhance your site using free plugins: learn to install an manage plugins to make your site faster and more reliable.

●  How to track traffic to your site: Use JetPack and Google Analytics to track everything about your visitors.

So in this course I devote 8 whole chapters to teach you how to get your site noticed, promoted, and loved by the world so you can get those coveted eyeballs looking your way and help your online business thrive.

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