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So instead of just displaying an error message that you can also create a new WordPress page for all non-members trying to access protected content, and in that way, you can actually sell more memberships.

And in the case that someone has already signed up for a lower membership level and tries to access content that is only available to the more expensive or higher membership level, you can also select a page.

So basically, if someone in the lower membership level tries to access higher-level content, he will see this page telling him that this particular content is 'not available to your membership level, so please upgrade now'.

So you may want to show members all content, and in the case where content is not for them or not for their membership level, they will see a page asking them to upgrade.

Now, although this is just one setting - one simple setting of the entire page - but it's really, really important because you may want to prevent your members from sharing your login details with someone else, or as a security measure, you may want to prevent leaked passwords or login details on forums, etc., and basically people getting content and access to a membership site for free without paying.

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