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Final Cut Pro X Training

  • Chapter 1: Intro to Final Cut Pro X If you are completely 'green' or new to Final Cut Pro X, make sure you go through lectures 2 - 5 first.
  • Chapter 3: Importing Media Importing media into Final Cut Pro X is a relatively dry concept, so feel free to come back to this chapter at any time if you need to know all the specifics about importing media.
  • You'll learn all sorts of key features within Final Cut Pro X that include using filters, transitions, multiple video layers, sound effects.
  • Chapter 7: Optional Video Lessons This chapter wraps up several odd and ends in regards to color correction, customized effects, advanced interface concepts, mapping the keyboard, and multi-cam editing, Chapter 8: Bonus Final Cut Pro X Lessons You may notice, that these bonus lessons are all free!
  • I felt it was important to give everyone a feel for what can be accomplished within Final Cut Pro X. Chapter 9: Apple Motion Since Apple Motion is a critical software companion for Final Cut Pro X, enjoy these free Motion training lessons.

by John Lynn

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