Film School On Demand - How to Make & Sell your First Movie

If you've wondered how to make a movie and dreaming of making your own one, then this is the course for you!

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Well, if you listen to some people, they'll  try to sell you on the idea of a traditional film school... But that's going to cost you anywhere from $25,000 to $125,000, and up to 4 years of your life... And when you're done, you've got a mountain of debt before you even start... then, when you deal with the established movie studios you have to do what they say every step of the way... I mean, you don't even OWN the films you make!

That's why I found a better, simpler path to filmmaking: Film School On Demand!

How to Make a Movie and Sell It I'll show you how to make a theatre-quality full-length film using software you can load on your own computer.

But it's not just the technical parts I show you, you'll get everything you need to know for the entire process of creating a film, from finding the right script, to directing, to post-production, and even marketing your film.

In 10 video lessons you will learn: If you've got a film inside just fighting to get out, it's time you took action...

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