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Enhanced WordPress Strategies For Business

  • Have you spent lots of time learning WordPress, how to work with plug-ins, and how to tweak your website to boost traffic and sales, only to have it produce lackluster results?
  • With this Wordpress Tips and Tricks course you can learn How to Increase Website Traffic, which tips, tweaks, and tools you can use, without complicated programming, to boost your WordPress website and transform it into a traffic magnet -- in less time, with less money, and with a lot less effort.
  • This Wordpress Tips and Tricks course will take you through top essential and nice-to-have plug-ins, including admin, SEO, security, layout, usability, social, and even multimedia plug-ins.
  • This course is for: This course is not for: This course is meant for people who don't want to get involved with heavy programming, but want to learn How to Increase Website Traffic, tweak their WordPress websites and discover powerful shortcuts to enhance their online business or blog.
  • This Wordpress Tips and Tricks course by developer Michel Fortin will give you a new perspective on how to optimize and ramp up your website for maximum traffic, stickiness, and conversion.

by Michel Fortin

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