Ending Slavery: Strategies for Contemporary Global Abolition

For the last 20 years, I've traveled the world, often going undercover, meeting people in slavery and learning about their lives and how they might come to freedom. It is four weeks of exploration, study, and debate that will not just illuminate the reality of slavery today, but how we can bring it to an end, and all that time, learning from the rich history of past anti-slavery movements. Together, through this course, we'll explore the size and the shape of slavery today. We stand at a turning point in human history when slavery, with the right resources and solutions, can be brought to an end, when we can destroy forever the great lie that some people are less than human and can be enslaved. And we are counting on you to help figure out how best to bring slavery to an end, working together with us on this course, exploring, and challenging, and together, building a world without slavery.


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