CSS Fundamentals

Gain Massive CSS Skills & Learn A Ton Of Techniques!

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

CSS is a must-know for today’s web designer.

But it can be a confusing and difficult topic for those new to the field…rules, properties, style sheets, overrides…how does it all work?

Well in this feature-packed DVD, award winning trainer Geoff Blake takes you from the very beginning, where you’ll learn about the fundamentals of CSS, how it interacts with XHTML, and what’s even possible with CSS, all the way through controlling page content like graphics, menus, and footers — plus you’ll discover some awesome techniques to pull off advanced table formatting.

Lastly, you’ll learn about the cascading effect of CSS — one of the toughest concepts to understand in CSS.

Strap yourself in and get ready, it’s time for Ten Ton CSS Fundamentals!

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