Creating Responsive Web Design

Learn how to optimize your webpages for different screen sizes and platforms.

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

Learn how to create websites that adjust to any screen size while optimizing download speeds.

Create Websites that are Optimized for All Screens Because people use a variety of devices to access the Internet, it's important that, as a website designer, you know how to create a site that will conform to any screen size.

Today's websites should be able to resize and rearrange elements and content automatically so that any user on any device from anywhere in the world can access your site and browse it with ease.

And building a website that's compatible with the many browsers available from both the past and the present is also an integral part of launching a strong site.

You'll understand how to make your site backwards compatible with old browsers, and how to set it up using CSS rules so that it will adjust itself to any screen size while optimizing download speeds.

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