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Beginners Adobe Illustrator CS5 Tutorial

  • Along with Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator is one of the most important graphic design tools in the world, and absolutely the best choice if you want to create vector graphics that can be endlessly resized without degradation.
  • Andy Anderson's Illustrator CS5 for Beginners video course can help you quickly become proficient with Illustrator's cutting edge tools and functionality.
  • This Adobe Illustrator video tutorial teaches you to work confidently with vector graphics no matter what your focus.
  • Andy thoroughly demonstrates vector graphic design techniques that can be used to create logos, business cards and enormous posters, and also covers 3D, animation, file conversion and printing, too.
  • By the completion of this computer software training course, you will be completely competent in the use of Illustrator, creating your own masterpieces of vector art.

by Infinite Skills

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