Become a Certified Web Developer

Complete coverage of HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP for the Certified Web Developer Exam.

Course Summary

Why to enroll this course?

Learn What It Takes to Code Dynamic, Professional Websites and Web Apps From The Comfort of Your Own Home Do you ever browse the internet wondering how your favorite websites were built?Facebook, Twitter, Amazon—they were all created by people who at one point in time didn’t know anything about coding.

You Don’t Have to Be a Genius or a Mathematical Wizard So many people believe that you must have a special ‘gift’ to create professional quality, dynamic websites/web apps.

From HTML to CSS then to Javascript and finally PHP, you will learn how to Become a Certified Web Developer.

Learn Skills That Will Benefit You for The Rest of Your Life - Imagine being able to create a web app that is downloaded by millions of paying customers—or a website that’s visited by people from all seven continents.

Your future is waiting for you... Prepare for Valuable Industry CertificationThis course is specially designed to prepare you for the Certified Web Developer (Basic) exam from LearnToProgram, Inc.

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