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Ayurvedic Yoga for your Dosha

  • Madhuri will teach you how to live a life of radiant health and vitality through simple and effective Ayurveda yoga practices in this Yoga Classes for Beginners.
  • It is an essential and integral component of understanding your own unique nature and how to do specific yoga asanas (postures) and pranayama (breath work) to balance your dosha or Ayurvedic constitution!
  • This Yoga Classes for Beginners course consists of an introductory lecture on Ayurveda yoga principles, 3 Ayurveda yoga classes that you can do time and time again for the 3 doshas, vata, pitta and kapha.
  • You will be given an Ayurvedic dosha checklist to self assess your own prakruti (original nature) and vikruti (current state) to help you understand what kinds of foods, activities and lifestyle choices are most suited for you.
  • Take this Yoga Classes for Beginners and learn Ayurveda yoga to increase your energy, decrease stress, improve your digestion and sleep like a baby and more.

by Melanie (Madhuri) Phillips

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