Equity in Education in the New Age

April 23, 2017

Education is one of the most important necessities around the globe. As the civilizations are emerging it is important to meet the requirements of the education according to the international standards. This is the reason that it has occupied the attention of the authorities.

In many countries, getting education is compulsory. However, there are many states in which maintaining the modern standards of education are tough. So here we have everything that you need to know about Equity in education in the new age.


First, you must know some of the facts related to the modern education.

  • The evolution in education has made it difficult to gain higher education
  • 73 million adults around the globe has low level of education
  • 20 percent teenagers do not have the required reading skills

Objects of the modern education

For the human development, there are three main objectives that education has to meet.

  1. The first purpose of education is to ensure that it turns a man into an intelligent citizen, humble person and a wise parent. He should be able to perfectly play his role in the workplace environment

  2. The main purpose of education is to remove the gap between the mind and soul. It has to turn a man into a human. A person should learn humanity and discrimination should be removed from the minds of people.

  3. A person must be trained in such a way that he is able to find the solutions to the issues that he is suffering from. He should be ready to enhance his wisdom and knowledge whenever he gets a chance

Equality through online education

This is the age of technology, and so the chances of joining online educational platforms are higher. This is the reason that most of the people prefer to take online courses rather than enrolling themselves in the colleges and universities.

The major reason behind it is that online education brings equality. The students can get the required knowledge without being discriminated. As they are behind the screen, so they do not have to worry about the racial comments that might come from the other students and even teachers. Apart from that, everyone is equal on the online platforms because the concept of favoritism by the teachers is diminished in such platforms.

Bottom line

With the passage of time, the basic and higher education has improved. However, it has brought many challenges to the people. As the standards of education are increasing, it has become hard for the people who got their degree 5 to 6 years back to meet the modern values.

So the online education platforms are also providing a chance to such people to enhance their education. So in this sense, we can say that it is the true example of equality because no one will judge you because of your age, color, gender or race. You can confidently appear in the class and show the best performance.